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Canadian, with Lithuanian origins, my passion for renewable energies and photography led me to win the AQPER (Quebec Association of Producers in Renewable Energy) Photo Competition, to see one of my Photographs published on the front page of the annual report of WWF (world wildlife foundation) in addition to having another of my photographs used to illustrate the vision of the next 2030 Quebec energy policy.


I had the chance to pilot a wind project with Tugliq Énergy, 800 km north of the tree line, on Quebec's northernmost tip. It was at this location in Nunavik, on August 31, 2014, that the first industrial wind turbine was installed on an autonomous mining electrical grid. This 3 megawatt giant was built in one of the most extreme climates of the province. Since that day, the Glencore Raglan Mine has become the first mine in the world to reduce its diesel consumption by combining wind power with an energy storage plant. In total, 2.4 million liters of diesel will not be burned annually and 6400 tonnes of greenhouse gases will be avoided. The first project of this extent to be successfully deployed in the history of Nunavik.


In addition to the wind project, I also led the installation and commissioning of an energy storage plant near the wind turbine. Using an inertial flywheel, a Lithium-Ion battery bank, and a hydrogen plant, this other world first allows the energy generated by the wind turbine to be stored in order to redistribute it on the power grid of the mine via an intelligent controller. This makes it possible to reduce or even eliminate the energy fluctuations coming from the wind turbine and deliver a stable energy similar to that which a generator could produce.


"Look deep into nature, and then you'll understand everything better." - Albert Einstein

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